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THE MANJULA SOCIAL WELFARE FOUNDATION TRUST was established in 2017 with a vision to empower communities and create a more just and equitable society. We are a voluntary organization working across education, healthcare, women's empowerment, and supporting senior citizens.



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Mission & Inspirations

Our Mission

We strive to be a responsive organization that adapts to evolving social needs. Through knowledge sharing and awareness creation, we aim to promote education, health, and human rights for all. We believe that knowledge empowers individuals and communities, leading to positive change.

Our Inspiration

Our founders, driven by their own experiences overcoming challenges in rural areas, established the Trust to uplift the underprivileged. Backed by dedicated volunteers, we work collaboratively to make a lasting difference.

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Focus Area & Impact

Our Focus Areas

 Child & Women's Rights: We advocate for the rights and well-being of children and women.

 Education: We promote quality education and access to knowledge.

 Health & Hygiene: We provide healthcare services and promote healthy habits.

 Sustainable Livelihood: We empower communities towards self-sufficiency.

 Old Age Safety: We ensure the well-being and security of senior citizens.


Our Impact

Over the years, we've fostered strong partnerships with government bodies, NGOs, and corporations. We've implemented various projects that address child and women's empowerment, reproductive health, education, environmental sustainability, and livelihood generation.

Approach & Values

Our Approach

We believe in community participation and capacity building.  We empower communities to manage and maintain the positive changes we create together.  Our holistic approach ensures inclusive development that benefits all sections of society, particularly the underprivileged.


Our Values

We operate with transparency, accountability, and a commitment to social justice.



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